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INFORMATION: You may need data recovered or restored from various types of storage devices for a number of reasons such as physical damage or you may have accidentally deleted pictures or documents' etc. Depending on what type of problem you have this will influence the cost of recovery.

There are two main types or categories when considering data recovery. One is hardware based and the other is the software based. The main difference between the two is that the hardware type problem is generally a physical issue that is causing the device to stop working or communicating, for example; you may have a memory stick with a physically broken USB connector or an external hard disk drive that has been accidentally dropped and since makes a clicking sound when you try to power up the device as apposed to a based software issue which is generally a technical issue, where by the storage device is physically operational, even if not accessible.

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TYPES OF PROBLEMS: Typical issues we are faced with as a professional recovery service provider would be a fall or knock damage to the device, wear or worn out devices, water damage, power surge, corruption, virus, malicious damage, (hacker or ex-girlfriend) computer wont power on and deleted files etc.

WAYS TO SPOT DAMAGE OR PREVENT DAMAGE: There are no straight forward or definitive methods for a home user to know if their storage device is about to fail. In some cases you may notice the drive becoming unusually hot or making a whining noise or becoming slow but again this isn't proof your drive is about to fail, there are certain commands and ways to find issues etc but this is really the work of a trained and skilled professional. There is one system feature commonly available for hard disk and SSD types of storage known as SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) this feature is normally activated in your desktop or laptop computers BIOS system and will then attempt to warn you in advance of a hard drive failure.

WHAT TO DO: The first thing to do in the event you have any type of problem with your storage device is to turn it off and stop using it immediately. The main reason for this is that in the event you have deleted a file from you computer, generally speaking the area of the storage device where your file is actually stored will only be marked as available for new storage to the computer. The data is not destroyed until it comes a time when that area is used again for storing new information so it is very important to stop using the device as soon as possible. In the case of a physical problem with a hard disk drive you risk doing further serious damage due to parts moving at high speed inside the unit, so even a short amount of time can cause a lot of damage.

WHY CHOOSE US? We can perform all the necessary checks to pin point the exact type of data recovery problem you have, free of charge. Remember, you can drop into us at a time that suits you and you don't need an appointment. We can perform all types of software data recovery in store and in the event of hardware based data recovery problems we send those external to our data recovery unit as this type of work requires specialist tools and clean room environment etc, Either way we can get all your data recovery problems resolved with us.