DC Jack Repair

If you are in need of repairs for your laptops DC jack you have come to the right place. We can repair any make or model laptop or mobile phone and most tablet computers too.

  • Repair - We can fix any damage done to your DC Jack no matter how bad.
  • Welding - Our plastic welding machine can repair any damage or reinforce cracking etc.
  • Soldering - Top of the range variable solder station.
  • Warranty - 3 Month warranty on all DC Jack repairs.
  • Low Prices - Possibly the lowest prices in Dublin.

INFORMATION: The port on your laptop where the power supply connects to is generally known as the DC Jack. It's called a DC jack because of the type of electrical current that flows through it is 'direct current' The power coming from your wall sockets is AC 'alternate current' and your chargers job is to convert and regulate it in DC as per your laptops needs. There are also other names such as power port, power connector, power jack, power socket etc.

The DC Jack on most laptops will often be awkwardly positioned somewhere on the rear, which means that it is exposed to pressure from the rigid end of the laptop charger connector if the laptop is not correctly supported on an even surface.

Over time or due to a sudden drop or bang you can loosen or break the Jack's internal connection to the point where the laptop's power will flicker on and off or you may need to hold the power supply in on a certain angle for it to work consistently or if the damage is severe the laptop may not even power on at all once the battery charge has gone completely flat. Remember, it is very important not to use the laptop at all if you have a loose or faulty dc jack connection as you risk damaging the system board due to a possible power surge, keep in mind that the system board is normally the most expensive part of your laptop so you definitely don't want to risk damaging it.

The best design for a DC jack is either on the left or the right side of the laptop, with a right angle type laptop charger connection. We repair very few of these due to the simple fact that the laptop charger is not protruding from the rear and is not in such a vulnerable position.

Why are we Dublin's No.1 Repair Service?

  • Cheap prices
  • Fast turn around service
  • 3 Month warranty
  • Friendly, helpful staff

MAKING REPAIRS:Inside your laptop there are two possible types of DC Jack. One is a modular type which plugs into the main system circuit board (AKA Motherboard) and the other type is soldered directly onto the system board itself. The soldered jack will cost approximately 20% to 30% more to repair than the modular type as there is far more labour involved in making this type of repair.

In order to repair a faulty or damaged DC Jack the laptop must be completely disassembled so that the system board can be removed or at least completely exposed. This generally means removing the front and back casings, the hard disk drive, optical drive, the keyboard and typically the screen assembly too.

If you have a solder joint type DC Jack in your laptop this was likely attached in the factory to your system board by a machine. To do this work by hand you need the right tools and expert skill ensure no temperature damage to local components is caused while obtaining perfectly uniform joints as anything less will impede the repair or ruin your computer.

We have literally repaired thousands of laptop DC Jacks over the years as Dublin's No.1 repair facility and have developed the skills and also methods to improve the strength of your DC jack regardless of the type that your laptop uses. Using a combination of Epoxy, a special brand and temperature of lead free solder + flux and finally a special silicone to reinforce the overall bond we can guarantee that your repaired DC Jack will perform perfectly.

The extensive labour involved in repairing a DC Jack will also give our technician's easy access to two major and serviceable components inside your laptop which we include in the DC Jack repair service, free of charge. We will service the heat sink and re-paste it's CPU. This will help extend the life of your laptop in general as the heat retention in your laptop is lowered. This will also variably improve the length of operation per battery charge cycle and also the batteries overall life due to improved cooling as this in turn means the demand on power consumption can be significantly lower.

We also return your old faulty parts and your repair is covered by written guarantee for 3 months.

VISIT US: Remember, you don't need an appointment to have this work done, you are welcome to drop into our shop at a time that suits you.

We will give you a free inspection and an estimate of how long it will take to complete and as we keep over 40 different DC jacks in stock we should be able to have your laptop repaired in no time at all.