Laptop overheating?

Inside view of cooling assembly

A laptop will overheat if it cannot cool itself…. believe it or not!

But why would a laptop not be able to cool itself? well the majority of time this may be due to a buildup of dust in a part located inside of your laptop called the heat sink… the heat sink is normally a square copper unit about the size of a matchbox and has a number of closely placed copper fins inside. The heat sink is then connected to different heat producing parts in your computer mainly your processor and then to a fan unit, so as you happily use your laptop watching YouTube and checking out Facebook the processor is getting nice and hot while doing its job. The heat created by the processor is then transferred to the heat sink and in turn the fan unit will then suck in cool outside air and blow it thru the heat sink in turn cooling it and everyone’s happy!

All laptop’s will have an air inlet and also and exhaust port. If you look at the side or the back of your laptop you may notice fins and if you look inside you may see the copper fins, this is your heatsink and also exaust area of your laptop.  The inlet is typically a round unit on the bottom.

Inside View of Heat sink

One thing I cannot understand still to this day is why so many laptop manufactures are putting the inlet on the bottom on the laptop! This is such bad design practice. Your laptop is like a mini Hoover sucking up the dirt and dust from your cloths, bed, desk ect and also may be completely blocked off depending on what you put it on. The best design is a side inlet and a rear outlet.


Manufacturers know that overheating issues WILL SHORTEN THE LIFE OF YOUR LAPTOP yet they still use poor cooling designs.

If your laptop is hot and making excessive noise, check that you can feel hot air being blown out of the exhaust port. If not its likely your heat sink is blocked.

What can you do to fix it? you could try use a Hoover to suck out the dust from the exhaust port but chances are this will not work as you probably have a blanket of dusk across the back of the heat sink. Some people try use compressed air to blow thru the dust but this can be dangerous as blowing a thick blanket of dust backwards into your laptop can prevent your fan unit spinning and you really don’t want that! Prevention is better than cure as they say and the two previous methods can be effective before the buildup happens. The best way to resolve this issue is to completely disassemble the laptop and remove the entire heat sink unit and properly clean it. After removing the heat sink unit from your laptop it you will also need to clean off the old thermal paste as applied in the factory and apply a fresh amount as per the manufactures specifications.

Find out who is the registered owner of a website

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Problem installing ATi 5870 Asus G73 laptop


Asus G73 ATi 5870 intel i720
Asus G73 ATi 5870 intel i720

The Asus G73 is a very nice laptop but one of the flaws with this machine is that it comes loaded with bloat ware and in my opinion the only way to correct this issue is to format the hard drive and reinstall a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows 7.

I recently upgraded the standard 500Gb Seagate Momentus hard drive in my Asus G73JH to the OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 SATA III SSD which I’m happy to say added considerable performance.

The problem with doing this is that when it comes to loading your GFX driver, things may not work as expected, running the default setup.exe may seem to run ok but  you may have noticed in device manager your still using the default windows driver, don’t worry there is a simple resolution to this…

After you downloaded and run the correct VGA driver from download the notebook version of the 5870 from and the setup.exe run as normal then reboot your laptop.

The final step to install the video card driver is go to device manager > right click your GPU and select “update driver software” on the next screen choose “browse my computer for driver software” and enter the following location….


Just follow the default options and you should be up and running. If you run into issues you may need to check your Ati installation folder location and edit the file location above accordingly.

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How to disable the automatic zoom on laptop touchpad on any Asus, Dell or Toshiba

The below steps work on all Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and Toshiba laptops as the problem is with the Synaptics touchpad software and is not a Windows related problem.


Go to Start > Control Panel > Mouse

Choose the Device Settings tab on the right.

Click the Settings… button

On the left there is a menu. Choose Pinch Zoom. Then UNCHECK the “Enable Pinch Zoom” box.

Click Apply at the bottom and OK to exit and save settings and your Done!

What computer should I buy?

I’ve heard that question a lot and it’s hard to give an answer as straight forward as the question.

Choosing the right computer can be difficult.

People these days generally just want to browse the internet, email, type documents, download music and play videos. In this case any computer off the shelf should do fine. If however you’re looking to make an informed purchase you need to understand a couple of things.

  • Do you want a laptop or desktop?  One is designed to be mobile, the other isn’t… it’s that simple but remember laptops cost manufacturers more to produce so you will always get less performance than you will from an equally priced desktop computer.


  • After sales support: When you buy a computer it’s very important to consider the warranty – whether you buy online or walk into a shop, you should get the same warranty and after sales support. The advantage of walking into shop of course is that you can return your computer directly, should a problem arise. If you buy online on the other hand, you can typically expect to deal directly with the manufacturer…


Most manufacturers supply 1 year warranty. They usually contract a local IT company to meet the warranty service agreement. When it comes to this issue, my advice would be to get a minimum of 1 year warranty. Insure it includes next business day pick up, all parts, labor and return. If for example, your new computer won’t power on 1 month after you purchase it, you can simply call the manufacturer and log an issue expecting an engineer onsite the next day to collect, repair or replace your laptop. Remember to find out if the battery is covered under warranty too – in most cases it’s not.

  • Performance and Specification – This is a tricky one as both laptops and desktop computers are made up of 5 core components which are responsible for the speed of a computer. They are outlined below: Continue reading “What computer should I buy?”

Eircom Router Broadband Settings

Hi all,

If you are upgrading or changing your Eircom Broadband modem / Router you will need these settings…

P/W: broadband1
VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Multiplexing: LLC

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Don’t know how to update your router? 

In order to log on and view or modify the settings of a router, first make sure your computer is connected to your router, either using a Cat 5 network cable or a wireless connection.

Next, find your gateway address…

Open a command prompt (type CMD from the run box) and type IPCONFIG then hit the enter key.

This command will display your basic network connection information and should look the like image below…


Listed will be the address of your DEFAULT GATEWAY which is circled red in the image – This is your routers IP address.

Open your web browser and in the address bar type in your default gateway IP address. E.g. – http://192.168.o.1

You will then land on your router homepage. Normally you will need to enter the router username and password which is typically listed on the back of your router, if its not try using Google to search for your routers default log on username and password details. Make sure to include your routers make and model in your search terms.

If the default username and password does not work it may be necessary to use the hardware reset button on the router if this has been manually changed previously and you do not know the new password.

Note: the default password for logging on to the old black Eircom routers is broadband1

Note: the password for the new Eircom eFiber routers is the routers WEP key which is printed on the back. The user name is the same which is simply admin.

Please send in an email if you have problems with any of this information or think it needs to be modified or updated. Continue reading “Eircom Router Broadband Settings”