Eircom Router Broadband Settings

Hi all,

If you are upgrading or changing your Eircom Broadband modem / Router you will need these settings…

U/N: broadband@eircom.net
P/W: broadband1
VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Multiplexing: LLC

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Don’t know how to update your router? 

In order to log on and view or modify the settings of a router, first make sure your computer is connected to your router, either using a Cat 5 network cable or a wireless connection.

Next, find your gateway address…

Open a command prompt (type CMD from the run box) and type IPCONFIG then hit the enter key.

This command will display your basic network connection information and should look the like image below…


Listed will be the address of your DEFAULT GATEWAY which is circled red in the image – This is your routers IP address.

Open your web browser and in the address bar type in your default gateway IP address. E.g. – http://192.168.o.1

You will then land on your router homepage. Normally you will need to enter the router username and password which is typically listed on the back of your router, if its not try using Google to search for your routers default log on username and password details. Make sure to include your routers make and model in your search terms.

If the default username and password does not work it may be necessary to use the hardware reset button on the router if this has been manually changed previously and you do not know the new password.

Note: the default password for logging on to the old black Eircom routers is broadband1

Note: the password for the new Eircom eFiber routers is the routers WEP key which is printed on the back. The user name is the same which is simply admin.

Please send in an email if you have problems with any of this information or think it needs to be modified or updated. info@lynch.ie


8 Replies to “Eircom Router Broadband Settings”

    1. First connect your laptop to the router using the network cable, then logon to your router using the above information and view/modify you WiFi settings that way.

      If you are using an Eircom router you could also try resetting it using the reset button on the back of the router and then use the WiFi information printed on the bottom. Hope this helps. send in an email if you would like more help and sorry for the delay in replying!

  1. I am on a contract with Vodafone and have recently switched to an eircom modem. I need the username and password to connect. Can you help me please!?

  2. I am on a contract with Vodafone and have recently switched to an eircom modem. I need the username and password to connect. Can you help me please!?

  3. Hi,

    I am trying to get a netgear router connected instead of the eircom black box, any suggestions on what username and password i would need to get into the netgear router?

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